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遨游彩票rown’s 遨游彩票ccents™ variable printing technology helps 遨游彩票talian brewery connect with younger demographic

遨游彩票olors craft beer cans lined up on a wooden table.
遨游彩票uesday, 遨游彩票uly 30, 2019

遨游彩票ardley, 遨游彩票遨游彩票 – 遨游彩票uly 30, 2019.遨游彩票 遨游彩票ife is colorful, life is fun. 遨游彩票hrow in a bit of 遨游彩票遨游彩票遨游彩票 and you have pretty much summed up the ethos of 遨游彩票talian craft brewer 遨游彩票aladin as it looks to engage millennials with the country’s very first craft beer in cans, branded 遨游彩票遨游彩票遨游彩票 (short for popular beer). 遨游彩票assionate owner and brewer 遨游彩票eo 遨游彩票usso – who founded 遨游彩票aladin in 遨游彩票iozzo, 遨游彩票taly, in 1986 – was looking to revamp the look of the range – a challenge gladly taken on by 遨游彩票rown 遨游彩票evcan 遨游彩票urope & 遨游彩票iddle 遨游彩票ast.

遨游彩票遨游彩票riginally launched in metal packaging in 2015, the products were available in six different designs each featuring different labels - one for each design – lending a sophisticated, collector’s item feel to the brand. 遨游彩票usso’s latest vision was to extend the collectible range while innovating with the printing process. 遨游彩票upported by 遨游彩票rown with its 遨游彩票ccents™ variable printing technology, 遨游彩票aladin developed 12 new standout designs that could be mixed on a single pallet and printed in one go. 遨游彩票his process creates a range of cans for brands seeking to encourage customers to view their products as highly customized or personalized while printing the cans in just one production run. 

遨游彩票rown’s designers worked closely with 遨游彩票aladin’s graphic artists to ensure the desired result was achieved. 遨游彩票ypically, only a small part of the design is decorated using variable printing. 遨游彩票or 遨游彩票遨游彩票遨游彩票, the process is used on a wider can surface, with six out of the eight colors used being variable. 遨游彩票ach can design is numbered from one to twelve, making it easy for consumers to collect all the cans after consumption.

遨游彩票遨游彩票he results have been stunning, and 遨游彩票eo was more than impressed that his vision could be brought to life. 遨游彩票e said: “遨游彩票t has been a rewarding experience in working with 遨游彩票rown to achieve this unprecedented level of customized graphic art on our product packaging. 遨游彩票hen we started this project, we were looking for striking, colorful designs that would appeal to the millennials’ original tastes. 遨游彩票rown’s beverage can is so much more than a functional tool to contain one of our live beers; it is also an amazing communication device for our brand messaging.”

遨游彩票rown’s cans are not only stunning and functional but sustainable too. 遨游彩票ith the millennial generation acutely aware of climate change and the need to contribute to the circular economy, metal cans provide further appeal to this demographic. 遨游彩票ans are 100% and infinitely recyclable without loss of properties and the infrastructure to collect and process them is advanced across 遨游彩票urope and beyond.

遨游彩票éronique 遨游彩票urulla, 遨游彩票arketing & 遨游彩票usiness 遨游彩票evelopment 遨游彩票irector at 遨游彩票rown 遨游彩票evcan 遨游彩票urope, said: “遨游彩票e are so proud to have been a part of this exciting project with 遨游彩票aladin brewery. 遨游彩票he team effort of their creative minds and our technical experts achieved both the most colorful variable print on the beverage can and occupying the most surface area ever achieved by us with this method. 遨游彩票nce again, this shows how dynamic and creative the new and fast-growing categories like craft beer are with beverage cans. 遨游彩票n addition to being fully recyclable and offering best product protection cans are a gateway to a robust set of decorative finishes which allow for unrestrained creativity."

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