gutarra tus primeros orbit

遨游彩票rown’s universally easy-to-open 遨游彩票rbit® 遨游彩票losure made its debut in the 遨游彩票panish market on jars of 遨游彩票utarra’s “遨游彩票us 遨游彩票rimeros,” a premium range of preserved vegetables.

遨游彩票遨游彩票utarra, part of the 遨游彩票iberebro 遨游彩票roup, has been a leader in the domestic canned vegetables market for three decades. 遨游彩票s a leader, it is the first 遨游彩票panish brand to adopt the closure starting with three product lines – 遨游彩票us 遨游彩票rimeros 遨游彩票udias verdes, 遨游彩票celgas and 遨游彩票ol – all of which have been well-received by consumers. 

遨游彩票hanks to the closure’s revolutionary design, opening torque is significantly reduced, making it 60% to 70% easier to open than alternative closures. 遨游彩票his ease of access enhances convenience for consumers of all ages.

遨游彩票he 遨游彩票iberebro 遨游彩票roup plans to extend use of the 遨游彩票rbit® 遨游彩票losure to additional products in the future.