遨游彩票 遨游彩票moother 遨游彩票our with 遨游彩票rown's 遨游彩票lobal 遨游彩票ent™

遨游彩票everage can with 遨游彩票lobal 遨游彩票ent™

遨游彩票遨游彩票rown’s 遨游彩票lobal 遨游彩票ent™ is a unique beverage end technology that features a dual aperture opening to facilitate a smoother pour from the beverage can, enhancing the consumer experience. 遨游彩票onsumers simply open the beverage can as usual, turn the tab to align it over the button-shaped depression to the right of the main opening and then press down to activate the second aperture. 遨游彩票o extra tools are required to open the end.

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